Friday, October 5, 2007

faux lips

Last night there were two shows going down that I had a interest in checking out. The first show was put together by Parade Of Flesh and featured an line up of: Ghosthustler (Dj set), Faux Fox and Numbers. The second show was The Black Lips @ The Loft. I swung through The Public Trust first to support the homies Faux Fox. Lead singer George always puts on a great performance, he threw a little Cadillac Don in to one of their songs "inside peanut butter, outside jelly, seven days of the week, seven days for Chevy" good stuff!

After Faux Fox's performance I scooted over to The Loft to check out The Black Lips. They went on stage not long after I arrived. I got to talk with Ian (pictured above) for a minute about his love for Memphis Rap before he had to go rock out. I can say, The Black Lips did not disappoint, they put a lot of energy into their show and the crowd was super hyped! You can check out Gorilla vs Bear for some more on the show and some rad Polaroids.

Vice Records :: Black Lips

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