Sunday, January 11, 2009

new polaroid scans

I have been meaning to scan my most recent Polaroid flicks and I finally got around to it. These are straight scans, no Photoshop work what so ever. I am out of film, so unless I find some laying around, these may be the last batch you see from me for a while. I have a few random things I could scan but I think I should space those out over time. Enjoy!

R.I.P. Polaroid Film


live from the hoosegow

I wrote a friend that is locked up and got a nice little letter back with some Ill Sober throwies on the flip side. Hope to see you on the outside soon!



Saturday, January 10, 2009

the color of her skin

Two albums that have been in heavy rotation lately. Marin Gaye "Trouble Man" and Roy Ayers "Coffy". I actually scooped a VHS copy of Coffy a while back at Movie Trading Company and wondered why I never owned the soundtrack. I have had Trouble man for years on wax but recently found a cd copy for the car and the Serato crates. Certain tracks make me picture myself in a 70's Lincoln that takes up half the block. One can fantasize!

*"T" Plays It Cool...just sayin'


dirt bag crew

The homie Prince William just gave me my Christmas gift. This iIl HUF 5 panel that compliments my collection nicely. HUF's new line looks pretty proper. The plaids are what's up. Thanks Will!!!

W (the 5 panel don)