Sunday, September 30, 2007

trust the public

For those of you who missed the opening, Urban Abstract: New Work by Evan Hecox is now online at The Public Trust There are still four available works that appear in the book. These are the only published works from Hecox that are still available for sale. The exhibition will be on view through October 15, 2007.

Above Image: People Devour the World as the World Devours People Original Linocut on Paper // 144"x80"

In other news...The Public Trust was the writer's choice for Best Gallery in the 2007 Observer Best of Dallas awards!

The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226


After seeing the homie Tony Bones out and about last night, I decided to scan this little collaboration drawing we did a few years back. Stay tuned for more stuff by Mr. Bones, including a long over due Decade shirt!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


The homies Andy and Chris are having the grand opening for their store Collective this Saturday afternoon. I will be spinning records from 3pm-7pm... Swing through and kick it. Don't forget to roll through Fallout lounge on the late night tip for Hot Flash.

Collective Boardshop
1234 Main St.
Southlake, TX 76092

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

turn this crap off

The Ed Templeton cameo in the Beautiful Losers trailer inspired me to scan this little gem that Ed laced my sketchbook with back in '03.

Toy Machine

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

beautiful losers

Beautiful Losers is a feature documentary film celebrating the independent and D.I.Y. spirit that unified a loose-knit group of American artists who emerged from the underground youth subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, punk rock and hip-hop. This documentary tells the story of how a group of outsiders with little or no formal training and almost no conception or interest of the inner workings of the art world ended up having an incredible impact on the worlds of art, fashion, music, film and pop culture.

I was unaware of this documentary. I own the book and was lucky enough to view the show in Orange County when it was touring.
I want to see the whole film!

ghoul out

I just finished the Halloween edition of the Cool Out flier.
The Holiday edition should be fun.

you got me any of these rings?

3rd Bass is one of my favorite Rap groups and this is one of their many dope videos. Brooklyn Queens would have to be in my top hip hop Summer jams list...such a feel good track. Peep Search's sheepskin coat, mock turtleneck and Timz. Mark my words, Select will be rocking that look this winter.

3rd Bass
The Cactus Album
1989 Columbia/Def Jam

3rd Bass :: Brooklyn Queens

Sunday, September 23, 2007

doing it in the park

Today Gail, Ashley and I rolled to the park jam @ Kiest park. It was super hot out and the crowd was ready to Crank Dat Soulja Boy! Once Soulja Boy FINALLY came out, everyone got super hype...YOOUULL! All in all, the day turned out nice and ended with an ice cream truck Finale.

discoverey :: Jarritos Bomb Pop

I got a little footage I might have to post up at a later date.

Friday, September 21, 2007

the beaver state

This drawing was done by Evan B. Harris, a Genuinely nice guy and a true workhorse. I was lucky enough to be in Art Prostitute's Regal Row show with Evan. For those that missed that show, it was amazing. Evan painted a huge insallation on the gallery's wall, that had to be a hard one for the A.P. guys to paint over. Upon his retun to Portland, Evan put in a good word to his people @ the Wurst gallery and got me in the Wurstminster Dog Show. Thanks Evan!

Evan's piece :: Scottish Deerhound

My piece :: Norwegian Elkhound

5 minutes of funk

This Saturday. down the street from my house...

The EBONY Black Family Reunion Tour (EBFRT)

Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Ms. Dupre as celebrity Emcee
Legendary Doug E Fresh
Howard Hewitt
R&B Legend Cherrelle

When: Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007, 2 p.m.
Where: Kiest Park, 2200 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas
Cost: Free
Age limit: All ages

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Back when Art Prostitute started, the crew took road trips when gathering imagery and interviews for the publication. When visiting Kozyndan, they failed to mention that they had a van load of people rolling along. This illustration explains it all so perfectly.


swayze bar

Here is a quick snapshot of Questlove from tonight's gig. The dopest thing that happened was, Quest just plugged his hard drive into my laptop and there are bright ass The Party stickers in everyones photos. I will try to get some of those shots from our homie Orlando.

Classic Sunday aternoon lounge music from The Roots 1996 album Illadelph Halflife.

This video just goes to show...ain't no future in ya frontin'

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

snake eyes

Mark The Cobra Snake is already repping the decade shirt collabo back in Cali. Holler if you want one.

double dudes

More gems from Mr. Travis Millard. he laced my book with two Double Dudes during the Low Tech high Life show. These guys are amazing!

dd1 :
hey man
sup man

double dude
double dude
double dude
double dude

think there's one but it's really two
which one will you choose?

dd2 :
only Millard knows!

Fudge Factory Comics

world's largest pecan

After scanning the Evan Hecox drawing, I got hyped up to start scanning more stuff from my sketchbook. This thing has made it's rounds and there are a lot of good images to come.

The polaroid was taken @ a Vans instore I did with Sieben a while back and the drawing was done during the Low Tech High Life show. Keep your eyes peeled for drawings from : Travis Millard, Dalek, Baseman, Kinsey, Ed Templeton and more.

Michael Sieben

urban abstract

Evan Hecox has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. I got in to his work through his numerous board graphics for chocolate skateboards and graphic design for record label chocolate ind. If you have not checked out Evan's show Urban Abstract @ The Public Trust, I suggest you do so. The opening was last Saturday night as well as the book release for his new book of collected work from 1994 - present.

top image :: Urban Abstract private reception flier

bottom image :: drawing evan rocked in my sketchbook

Evan Hecox
The Public Trust

tricky on the fixie

I am super stoked on this Cadence east coast video. watch and learn!


I put these stencils up in front of Glen's old store Elements off of Jefferson about 7 years ago. The buildings have all been repainted but for some reason, these are still running. I remember driving out to the Cliff from Ft. Worth on a weekly basis to buy records and now I live in the O.C.


Photo :: The Cobra Snake