Tuesday, October 30, 2007

stop me

Here is a break from my string of Hip Hop videos. This Smith's Youtube gem features some Bike riding and timeless style. Enjoy!

Artist :: The Smiths
Album :: Strangeways, Here We Come
Year :: 1987 (London/Sire)
Track :: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Monday, October 29, 2007

night life

Congrats to Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter on his Paper Magazine award for best Nightlife Photographer.

Paper Mag


happy time ending

After finding out that Jopen Stein is in the Vans Sky Gallery show, I had to scan this pencil drawing he did in my book during the Regal Row show at Art Prostitute. Notice the Hieroglyphics shirt on the little guy, Jophen said he put that there because we were jamming Del's first album during the installation...Good reason.

Jophen Stein

LA Trippin'

This Thursay I am off to LA... above is a flier for the main reason I am taking this trip. I am Djing the Vans Sky Gallery opening with the homie Tate. Below is more info on the show and a list of arstist involved. I will be in LA Nov. 1st - 7th and I will be steady posting while I'm out...check up on it.

Vans Sky Gallery Exibition

November 2nd // 7pm-10pm
@ New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Marco Zamora // Sage Vaughn // Kelsey Brookes // Cole Gerst // Derek Albeck // Jophen Stein


Sunday, October 28, 2007

grim reaper

Here is a little number from the Gravediggaz crew, to get you in the Halloween mood. Horrorcore rap at it's finest!

Artist :: Gravediggaz
Album :: 6 Feet Deep
Year :: 1994
Track :: 1-800-Suicide

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i think

Aceyalone has always been sick with the wordplay. Check out this video from his classic '95 album All Balls Don't Bounce. Enjoy!

My name's the reverend deacon minister maximillion speaking to you
About the laws of the land and flaws of man
See the walls can't stand higher than we can put 'em now can they
Anybody need to be saved today
Got a 2 for 1 special w/a shave today
Now how 'bout I wave the tray and I pave the way
To the front of the church I don't really wanna hurt ya
But what I really wanted to say was that uh
There's something special inside of my mental cargo vessel
And it runs on lethal ethyl methane profane
Kinda like a flux capacitor
But it ain't no passengers
It's more like a capsule that snaps so quick
Or the rap's so sick or the absolutely
Put together each and every link and get me cosmically in sync
I think

Artist :: Aceyalone
Album :: All Balls Don't Bounce (Capitol Records)
Year :: 1995
Track :: I Think

Sample used

Johnny Hammond :: Wild Horses

Sunday, October 21, 2007

big tex

The Texas State Fair ends today. If you missed out, there is always next year. Above are some Polaroids I took at the Fair last Wednesday.

Big Tex's History

In the free-wheeling years after the war, merchants in Kerens, Texas, had a problem. Residents of the tiny town were driving to nearby Corsicana or even 75 miles north to Dallas for pre-Christmas shopping sprees. Looking for a gimmick that might encourage people to spend money at local stores, the Kerens Chamber of Commerce built what they claimed was the world's largest Santa Claus, a 49-foot-tall figure constructed from iron-pipe drill casing and papier mache with 7-foot lengths of unraveled rope for a beard.

The promotion was a big success during the 1949 holidays, but the novelty wore off the following year, and community support waned. In 1951, State Fair president R. L. Thornton purchased Santa's components for $750 and hired Dallas artist Jack Bridges to create a giant cowboy out of the material.

Big Tex made his debut at the 1952 State Fair of Texas. Wearing size 70 boots and a 75-gallon hat, Tex towered 52' above wide-eyed visitors. His denim jeans and plaid shirt were donated by the H. D. Lee Company of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Cosmetic surgery the following year straightened his nose, corrected a lascivious wink and allowed him to talk.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

lo lifes

I randomly thought about this song today and it took me a minute to find the video...I had to dig up my record to find the correct spelling. Peep their steez in the video, mad early 90's POLO gear, these dudes came correct! The track is as slammin' as Zhigge's wardrobe.

Artist :: Zhigge
Album :: Zhigge (Polygram Records)
Year :: 1992
Track :: Toss It Up

Samples used

All the People :: Cramp Your Style
Isaac Hayes :: Ike's Mood Pt. 1
J.B.'S :: Given Up Food For Funk
J.B.'S :: You Can Have Watergate
Syl Johnson :: Different strokes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bust one

This is the sketch Dave Kinsey drew up for one of his installation paintings at the Art Prostitute opening show last year. It now hangs in my kitchen.

For more Kinsey...

Pick up :: Art Prostitute #3 (if there are any left)

Kinsey Visual


Art Prostitute

More Kinsey sketchbook action to come!

Monday, October 15, 2007

the darjeeling limited

If you are a Wes Anderson fan, you have to go see his new film, The Darjeeling Limited. This film has so much style from beginning to end, the colors, the art direction, everything about the movie is visually pleasing.

What are you waiting for?


whutcha want?

I rememer when this video came out, Nine rolling around NY, rapping out of the passenger side, classic Cj-7 Jeep style. This was soo dope for it's time! The rugged NY look matches dude's voice perfectly. If you look close, when Nine rolls up in the the park (around 2:07 in the video) you can see Big L in the background rocking a blue fitted and a light grey sweatshirt.

"a ill posse and my name up in lights N-I-N-E"

Nine - Whutcha want? (album)

Nine - Whutcha Want? (instrumental)

Artist :: Nine
Album :: Nine Livez (Profile Records)
Year :: 1995
Track :: Whutcha Want?

Friday, October 12, 2007

old chappy

I have one of these, collecting dust at my parents house. I need to go scoop it and get it up and running. My Yamaha Chappy is a 1977 (good year) and is lemon yellow. In the ad above it states that the scooter gets up to 118 mpg! perfect for rolling around the Neighborhood.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

brand spanking new

I just picked up the new Party shirt, designed by the homie Michael Sieben. These were just printed today, so if you want to be the first person on the block with one, hit me up.


Michael Sieben

Click photo for a detailed look.

put it on

Harlem rapper Big L is one of the best MC's that ever did it. Put it On is a classic single from his 1995 album Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous. If this dude was alive today, he would rule the rap game. I attached some Big L history below. Absorb it.

Lamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), better known as Big L, was a legendary American rapper. Big L was born, raised, lived, and was fatally shot in the same New York City neighborhood, Harlem, about which he frequently rhymed. He is mostly remembered for his freestyling, storytelling, punchlines, his critically acclaimed debut album Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous, and his murder at the age of twenty-four.
Born and raised in Harlem's uptown sector, which he called the "Danger Zone", at 139th Street and Lenox Avenue; Coleman chose rap as a way of getting away from the ghetto. His first appearance on a song came in 1992 on Lord Finesse's "Yes You May" (remix).

In 1993 he signed with Columbia Records and released one vinyl 12", "Devil's Son". This song was quickly banned from radio because of its horrorcore lyrics which stations dubbed too violent or vulgar, such as "I pistol whip the priest every Sunday". In 1995, still with Columbia, he released his debut album Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous. The album was hardly promoted and commercially not very popular, but was praised by The Source, a respected rap-music publication, which gave it four mics out of five. The album featured now-popular rappers such as Jay-Z and Cam'ron, but after its lack of success, he was dropped from the label.

His career took-off with a group called Children of the Corn, which he formed with fellow Harlemites Mase (under the name Murda Mase), Cam'ron (as Killa Cam), Cam'ron's cousin Bloodshed, and McGruff. The group recorded numerous songs, enough to make a full length album, compiled later as The Collector's Edition. The group never signed a deal, as Bloodshed was killed in a car accident in Harlem in 1997 and Mase and Cam'ron temporarily quit rapping to pursue professional basketball careers.

During the gap of 1997 and 1999, Big L worked on his second album The Big Picture. It was released worldwide at the summer of 2000 to critical acclaim. Two singles, entitled "Ebonics" and "Flamboyant", both reached number one in the charts. The album featured cameos from Fat Joe, Tupac Shakur, and Big Daddy Kane among other up-and-coming and established rappers. The Big Picture went platinum in 2001.

Jay-Z has said that Big L was set to sign with his Roc-A-Fella label, but died the week before.[1] The two had a mutual respect dating back to a dual freestyle session on the radio and Jay-Z's appearance on Big L's first album.

Big L - Put It On (Main)

Big L - Put It On (Instrumental)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


If you rode BMX bikes at all during the 1980's, you know the name. Woody Itson is a flatland legend.

After my last post on the Cool Kids video, Nature and I got to Reminiscing about our BMX bike days. We were debating over which bike was the "one" to have back in the day. I am still going to have to go with Hutch and I think this add explains it all!

I actually remember the above add from my BMX Plus magazines.

This ladies and gentlemen is Woody Itson's gold plated Hutch Trick Star. That new gold Mac Book has nothing on this.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

black mags

This is the brand new video Black Mags from the Cool Kids. Enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

i'ma rhyme acapella

Mos Def and Kanye on the freestyle tip.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I got a chance to meet graffiti heavyweight Cycle years back at Scribble Jam in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Driving from the hotel to the event on the second day, we noticed everything in sight was killed with Cycle tags and throw ups. This dude puts in major work! When we got to the event he was busy at work on his piece. I caught up with him, chopped it up for for a minute, then he rocked this end to end throw up in my trusty sketchbook. Down to earth guy.

For a dosage of Cycle's design work check out Mass Appeal magazine.

I've got some more flicks and sketches to come.


After last night's Hip Hop set at the IC reunion, I had to dig up some old photos. These were taken at Nature's old house in Denton circa 1998. This was a little BBQ/ scratch jam, where everyone got down on the tables. Nerd out!

Photo 1 :: Brian (p.e.g.) Nature, Joe, Del

Photo 2 :: Del

Friday, October 5, 2007

faux lips

Last night there were two shows going down that I had a interest in checking out. The first show was put together by Parade Of Flesh and featured an line up of: Ghosthustler (Dj set), Faux Fox and Numbers. The second show was The Black Lips @ The Loft. I swung through The Public Trust first to support the homies Faux Fox. Lead singer George always puts on a great performance, he threw a little Cadillac Don in to one of their songs "inside peanut butter, outside jelly, seven days of the week, seven days for Chevy" good stuff!

After Faux Fox's performance I scooted over to The Loft to check out The Black Lips. They went on stage not long after I arrived. I got to talk with Ian (pictured above) for a minute about his love for Memphis Rap before he had to go rock out. I can say, The Black Lips did not disappoint, they put a lot of energy into their show and the crowd was super hyped! You can check out Gorilla vs Bear for some more on the show and some rad Polaroids.

Vice Records :: Black Lips

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Florencio Zavala was one of the first outside artists to do a Decade shirt collaboration. He hooked me up with the Money Shot shirt in LA Lakers colorway back in '03, still a classic. He also did this drawing in my book around the same time. I always like his hand drawn type treatment and letter placement, besides who doesn't like a hot dog man tip toeing around?

Brown Like Me

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i can break it down

I just scored this Heather B. cd single a bit earlier in the local cd store doller bin. Another dope 1996 track from another skilled female MC. Heather B. comes off a little more rugged than Bahamadia but she's not quite as nice with the wordplay. Still solid mid-nineties rap none the less.

"Hit Em' With That Funky Sound"

Heather B. - All Glocks Down (street)

Heather B. - All Glocks Down (instrumental)

Artist :: Heather B.
Album :: Takin' Mine
Year :: 1996
Track :: All Glocks Down

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

wake up :: rerog edition

Wake Up will be a semi regular post, spotlighting a Dj friend of mine and 10 of their slept on albums, singles, tracks, restaurants etc.

The first edition of Wake Up features a good friend of mine Rerog, a super nice guy, excellent DJ and a true record nerd. Rerog has been doing his thing in the DFW area since around 1995, racking up multiple Spinmasters and Guitar Center DJ battle titles and touring the country and making beats with his MC homie Astronautalis. Rerog has selected some real hard hitting hip hop albums below, if you have not heard some of these records and you are a early 90's rap fan...start digging!

In no particular order...

Yaggfu Front - Action Packed Adventure
3 12"s from this album and a cassette version of this album is all I have, and all I need. These beats were somethin' else for back then, check the songs "Busted Loop" and "Left Field" for a sampling of what should have went down as a classic.

Jemini the Gifted One - Scars and Pain
Promo only vinyl action left many DJ's searching for this little known Ep from the guy who went on to fame with Dangermouse. I have to give it up to Baby G for putting me on to this by including the song "Can't Stop Rocking" from here on his Raw Deal vol. 2 mixtape back in the day. That man put me on to more records than anyone.

De La Soul - Buhloone Mindstate
Everyone jumps up and down to tell you what a "sampling masterpiece" 3 Feet High was...and they are right. But for my money, If I was to be allotted one De La album for the rest of my life, no doubt this would be it. Every song is just sooo right on.

Tha Alkaholiks - Coast II Coast
You might like to know that this was Madlib's first production credits here... but beyond that hipster gripster bit of knowledge this is as solid of a hip-hop record as the West Coast had to offer in 1995. "Daaamn!" and "The Next Level" were skate video hits when this record dropped, and still take me back to those days when i hear them now...(Find the promo only Diamond D RMX of "The Next Level" if you can!)

Ice Cube - Kill At Will
Golden era Bomb Squad production and Cube at his most angry...7 songs of pure perfection.

Main Source - Breakin' Atoms
If I could pick one album that sounds like what "hip-hop" should sound like...This is it. Large Professor didn't need Sir Scratch or K-Cut, but it was nice he took them along for the ride. "Looking at the Front Door" is on my top 10 hip-hop songs of all time list.

Lord Finesse - Funky Technician
Lord Finesse is one of the rawest MC's of all time, he was only 19 when he recorded this but he has the swagger and and flow of any vet when he dropped this LP. And as a tidbit of trivia for the Dallasites reading this, this is the rapper who first made Astronautalis want to grab the mic.

Krown Rulers - Paper Chase
Don't judge this record by the lame Medieval theme on the cover, this is one of the jewels in Philly's rap crown. If "B-Boy Document" or "Kick the Ball" don't get you...then you can't be gotten.

The Nonce - World Ultimate
Laid back West Coast at it's best. My first car had 4 12"s in it, and between this record and Ol Dirtys first record, my 1996 windows down, cruising to the next skate spot soundtrack was set.

Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playin'
This album was recorded in 1990, but for reasons only the ghost of hip-hop classics past can explain, never saw the light of day until this year. 1990 brought us one 12", "I'm Not Palyin'", made famous by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist as the only rap song on the Brainfreeze mix. Worth the wait? Yes. But this record could have been so huge if it had came out when it should have.

Below are a few cuts from the albums above to get you started.

Lord Finesse - Funky Technician

Main Source - Looking At The Front Door

The Nonce - Mix Tapes

De La Soul - Ego Trippin' Part Two

Rerog and friends spin Funk & Soul every Saturday night @ The Monkey Bar and they also hold a record swap there the last Sunday of every month.

Super Soul Saturdays
Monkey Bar
408 Exposition
Dallas, Tx 75226

Sunday :: Record Swap

9 pound etc.

Bahamadia is hands down my favorite female MC of all time. Her 1996 album Kollage is a classic from beginning to end, with hard hitting production from the mighty Primo and Beatminerz. She was also a part of the best hip hop show I have ever witnessed...1996 @ Bomb Factory, the line up was Fugees, The Roots, Goodie Mob and Bahamadia. Need I say more!

Peep The Roots park bench cameo around 2:38

Bahamadia - 3 Tha hard way (street)

Bahamadia - 3 Tha hard way (instrumental)

Artist :: Bahamadia
Album :: Kollage
Year :: 1996
Track :: 3 Tha Hard Way

Monday, October 1, 2007

numbers :: faux fox :: ghosthustler

Parade of Flesh Presents...
Numbers: Live at The Public Trust
With Faux Fox and Ghosthustler

Thursday Oct. 4, 2007 // Doors at 8PM // Show starts at 9PM
$8 // 18+ // Complimentary Adult Beverages for Patrons 21+

Numbers is on tour with their latest release from killrockstars Now You Are This. Don't miss the opportunity to catch them in an intimate setting. Admission will be very limited due to the size of the gallery. Once we are full that is it, so come early and get a ticket.

The Public Trust
2919-C Commerce St.
Dallas, TX // 75226 // 214.760.7170

oakland do you wanna ride?

Boots from The Coup is a true MC & story teller. This song is a classic and the video fits it perfectly. If you have a chance peep the whole thing, it does not disappoint . My favorite line drops @ around 5:14 in the video "Microsoft motherf*#ckers let bygones be bygones but since I'm Macintosh I'ma double click your icon" oooh wee! May I suggest more Coup in your Hip Hop arsenal?

Artist :: The Coup
Album :: Steal This Album
Year :: 1998
Track :: Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night