Saturday, October 20, 2007

lo lifes

I randomly thought about this song today and it took me a minute to find the video...I had to dig up my record to find the correct spelling. Peep their steez in the video, mad early 90's POLO gear, these dudes came correct! The track is as slammin' as Zhigge's wardrobe.

Artist :: Zhigge
Album :: Zhigge (Polygram Records)
Year :: 1992
Track :: Toss It Up

Samples used

All the People :: Cramp Your Style
Isaac Hayes :: Ike's Mood Pt. 1
J.B.'S :: Given Up Food For Funk
J.B.'S :: You Can Have Watergate
Syl Johnson :: Different strokes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i wonder if street wear nerds even know that mighty healthy made a shirt in honor of the legendary polo shirt.the 92 joint?...or if that current street wear looks will never be this EVER.